Epidemics and economic development, mostly.

Welcome to Anup’s Notes by me, Anup Malani. My day job is a teaching law, economics and policy as a professor at the University of Chicago. In the process of research, you often have ideas that are interesting but either require more expertise and time than you have to fully explore or don’t have enough substance to justify the long process of publishing a paper. This substack is an occasion to write up those ideas. I hope others will find them interesting and perhaps explore them further.

At the beginning, this substack will focus on COVID in India, which my team (including Satej Soman, Sabareesh Ramachandran, and Bartek Woda) has spent a year researching. Our papers range from sero-prevalence surveys to epidemic and vaccine modeling to understanding the economic impact of the pandemic. We’ll start by sharing analysis that didn’t (or hasn’t) make it into papers (yet). We appreciate feedback so we can correct our errors.

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